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Enhancing natural beauty through permanent makeup, microblading, eyelash extensions and lifts, and more!


What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup (sometimes referred to as micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing) is a cosmetic procedure used to replace lost coloring in the skin; most often, this procedure is used on eyebrows, eyelids, eyeliner and lips to enhance your natural beauty. Permanent makeup also serves another purpose: it can be used to create eyebrows lost to alopecia, chemotherapy, or another medical condition; to create an areola post-breast surgery; or to restore color lost to vitiligo. This technique can help restore confidence in many different scenarios.

*Only a properly trained professional with experience should preform this technique*

Permanent Makeup: Eyebrow Techniques

There are a few techniques employed at Beauty by Bonnie to produce your dream eyebrows: microbladed, hybrid, and ombre. At a free consultation, we'll look at your brows, brow color, face shape, and map and shape the ideal brows for you. Once we've perfected them to your liking, we'll get to work making them a reality! 

Permanent Makeup Benefits

There are many benefits to permanent makeup, such as those listed above. Permanent makeup is also a great option if:

  • You are allergic to traditional makeup or have sensitive skin
  • Makeup is difficult to apply due to mobility/health issues
  • You want to reduce or eliminate the stress, time and cost of makeup and applying it

Or, more simply, you may want to:

  • Create bold brows or fill out and add structure to your existing beauties
  • Accentuate your eyes with a smudge-proof look
  • Add plumpness and color to your lips
  • Bring balance and symmetry to your features

Permanent Makeup After Care

There are a few things you can do to help the process go as smoothly as possible, too:

  • Arrive on time
  • Remove all makeup and creams prior to appointment
  • Bring photo(s) of desired look
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol 24 hours prior to aid in healing and hydration
  • Avoid touching your brows during the healing process when not cleaning them
  • Avoid water and excessive sweat/steam 7 days after or until your spot(s) are completely healed
  • Apply aftercare creams as instructed
  • Avoid direct sunlight and wear sunscreen to maintain the pigments
  • Come to your follow-up appointment for touch-ups
  • Talk to your technicians about any questions or concerns you have

*To book an appointment, please text 705.927.4760*

Why Us?

Bonnie is a highly qualified and trained technician that has been in the beauty industry for over 10 years. With hundreds of permanent make-up treatments performed to perfection, she is professionally trained in all permanent make-up applications to the highest of standards. This includes all modern brow techniques, permanent tattooed eyeliner, permanent lip shades, and beauty marks.