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Lash Growth

Lash Growth Serum


Lash Growth Serum

It is simple! The best eyelash growth serum is the one that actually gives you results.

EYLash Gro is an enhancing proprietary blend that helps you achieve longer, fuller, more beautiful lashes. It is a high-performance serum with sophisticated technology for elegant and visibly longer lashes with-in just weeks of use. It is safe to use with or without eyelash extensions or lash lifts and tints and can help enhance these services tremendously.This serum will stimulate the growth and regeneration of your natural lashes.This product is proven to rejuvenate and strengthen eyelashes by helping to condition and moisturize while promotes the growth of lusher and a more full more stunning look. The serum penetrates through the skin to reach deep into the eyelashes to rebuild their structure an create a protective shield while providing necessary nutrients for stimulation and maxamum growth. EYLash Gro is available for $80 at the Lash Boutique and is made from natural vitamins, botanical extracts, and peptides. Apply EyLash Gro directly to the clean skin of the upper eyelid margin as you would a liquid eyeliner at the base of the eyelashes using the applicator. Get beautiful, longer healthier lashes in just weeks!

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