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Eyelash Extensions

What are the benefits of eyelash extensions?

Our clients choose eyelash extensions for a variety of reasons:

  • The time and cost savings of eliminating mascara
  • The ease in which lash extensions can be cared for
  • No more mascara smudges and flakes
  • A natural enhancement or WOW look
  • Confidence
  • Lash fill appointments become a self-care routine

Which lash services do you provide at Beauty by Bonnie?

Whether you're after classic, hybrid, or volume lashes, we've got your back! And full, partial, and fill services for each type of lash. (Or, if lashes aren't for you, we offer lash lifts and tints too!) Our experienced technicians will provide guidance on the best type of lash for your existing lashes. 

What products do we use at Beauty by Bonnie?

Minkys is the primary supplier for Beauty by Bonnie. Minkys is an established family-run business providing exceptional products and services to both men and women since 2006. Minkys meets rigorous health and safety standards to ensure the health of its clients and exceptional technicians.

How do I care for my new lashes?

It doesn't take long before your new lashes feel totally natural. The key to lash longevity is:

  • Avoiding oil-based products around your eyes
  • Being gentle when combing your lashes and washing your face
  • Avoiding rubbing, pulling and picking at them
  • Your lash technician will provide immediate post-care instructions at your appointment

Say Eye Do

(to Lash Extensions)

You've dreamed of this perfect day since childhood - so why not have perfect lashes as well?

Say goodbye to mascara blunders or mishaps of strip lashes falling off. Eyelash extensions for the bride-to-be will ensure you have one less thing to worry about and you can focus on that very special someone in your life. We understand your anticipation and excitement and want you to feel confident knowing you are choosing the most qualified and experienced professional in the Peterborough area.

We specialize in bridal eyelash extensions for the bride and entire bridal party (Moms too!)

Bridal Eyelash Extension Sets should be treated differently than standard lash sets. This is your wedding and your lashes should be at their absolute best! Not just during the wedding, but at your rehearsals, pictures, parties, pictures, showers, pictures, honeymoon, and did we mention, pictures?