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About Us

At The Lash Boutique, taking pride in the art of lashes and permanent make up, enhancing your natural beauty, and making you feel great is our goal for each and every client. Our success speaks for itself.

About Bonnie

Bonnie Robbins is a fully certified Eyelash Technician and Permanent Make Up Specialist as well as Instructor at The Lash Boutique. She has extensive spa experience and professional certification by top beauty professionals. The health of your lashes will not be compromised, because training emphasizes the most effective application techniques. Bonnie will work with you to create your new look. Her goal is to provide services that result in the highest levels of client satisfaction, and will do everything possible to meet your expectations. Hear what other client's are saying on our eyelash extension testimonial page.

Our Products

Minkys is the primary supplier for The Lash Boutique. Minkys is an established family-run business providing exceptional products and services to both men and women since 2006. Minkys meets rigorous health and safety standards to ensure the health of its clients and exceptional technicians. Minkys is successful because they work directly with their manufacturers and eyelash technicians to ensure that each lash, each bonding product and each piece of equipment used in the application process meets the unique needs of an eyelash extensionist and client.

EYLash Gro is an enhancing serum that grows longer thicker lashes and is safe to use with or without eyelash extensions. This product is proven to rejuvenate and strengthen eyelashes. EYLash Gro is available for $80 at the Lash Boutique and is made from vitamins, botanical extracts, and peptides. Apply EyLash Gro directly to the clean skin of the upper eyelid margin as you would a liquid eyeliner at the base of the eyelashes using the applicator. Get beautiful, longer healthier lashes in just weeks!

If you have any other questions or concerns about the Lash Boutique, our staff, or the products we use, please contact us.